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We're taking steps for a better future

Last Looks Facilities Ltd - recycle

Last Looks Facilities Ltd are committed to minimising the impact of our activities on the environment. We aim to raise our staff’s awareness of environmental issues and to work together to collectively make a difference. 


Our Companies aim:

- To minimise wastage by predominantly re-using and then recycling

- Minimise emissions and our carbon footprint caused by our activities.


The steps we are currently taking:

​​- Our vehicles are ULEZ compliant.

- We build our trailers using environmentally friendly recycled products, where possible.

- Installation of energy efficient LED lighting to cut down our electric consumption.

- Ordering bulk quantities from our suppliers to cut down on the number of deliveries to our premises.

- Investing in quality equipment that reduces the need for replacement.

- Only printing out essential documentation.

- All workshop wastage is disposed of via a reputable company specialised in sorting and recycling.

- Choosing to work with suppliers who are as committed to minimising their environmental impact as we are.


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